What is Lurid Cactus?

Lurid Cactus is a net recording label that is dedicated to helping independent musicians:

  • compose,
  • create,
  • produce,
  • record,
  • mix,
  • master,
  • and distribute

their music for the lowest price possible.

In some cases Lurid Cactus Recordings have been able to provide their services at cost. For certain services, this could mean that Lurid Cactus Recordings only receives a prominent credit for their work. Lurid Cactus helps independent musicians to realize their recording projects for an extremely modest budget.

Please see the Services section for more information.

Which artists work with Lurid Cactus?

Little Red King

Esther and the Key Tones

Fred Demillio


Narany An

Who are Lurid Cactus?

Lurid Cactus Recordings is a group of independent artists who are passionate about music.

They believe that the confluence of the Internet and digital recording techniques allows musicians a new level of creative freedom at a substantially reduced cost compared to the past.

Lurid Cactus helps independent musicians to benefit from these new opportunities.

For more information, please send your inquiries to info@luridcactus.fr

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